What is Early Intervention?


Early Intervention is a federally funded program that provides services for young children and their families at NO COST. There are two separate Early Intervention programs in Pennsylvania, Birth to Three and Three to Five.¬†Amazing Kids provides Birth to Three Early Intervention services, servicing children from the time they are born until their third birthday. During this time of critical development, if a child is struggling or someone has concerns regarding their development, they can be referred to the Early Intervention program. This can be done by the child’s parents or guardians, doctor’s office, or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. If a family wishes to self-refer for an evaluation for their child, they may do so at any time.


You do NOT need a doctor’s script or his/her¬†permission to contact Early Intervention.


Once the county is contacted, the child will be referred to the Early Intervention agency. An early intervention service coordinator will contact you to discuss your concerns. He or She will come to your house to meet your family and the child. You will be given a choice of early intervention evaluator agencies that can evaluate your child to determine if he/she is eligible for Early Intervention.

Eligibility is based on comparing your child to his peers, and determining if there is a significant delay in his development. In early intervention, there are five areas of development that are assessed, including social/emotional, communication, cognitive, language, adaptive and motor. If your child qualifies in any of these areas, he qualifies for early intervention.

This is where Amazing Kids, LLC comes in!!! If your child is determined eligible, you will be given a choice of early intervention providers. We would love it if you would consider allowing us to come to your home and assist you and your child in achieving your highest potentials. If you choose us, we will come to your house or other community location (daycare, grandma’s, etc.) to meet with you and the service coordinator to discuss what your goals are at that time. We will then discuss how we are going to move towards that goal and how often we will be coming to your house.

Call the following counties for service:

Clarion (814) 226-1080

Clearfield/Jefferson (814) 372-7020

Armstrong/Indiana (814)


or call Laura (814) 715-5738 for more information.