Paula Bauer, Teacher

My name is Paula Bauer.  I attended Indiana University of Pa. and received a BS in Elem. Education.  My concentration was in Math.  Soon after graduating I was married and I now have 5 children.  Several of my children have been in the Early Intervention Program.  This is where most of my experience with the program stems from.  One of my daughters was born 3 months premature and needed extra help to develop skills.  Another of my daughters has seizure activity and again needed the program for extra help.

Today both of these children are healthy, happy, and doing well in school. I attribute this to a good beginning with family and the Early Intervention Program.  I have worked for the Early Intervention Program for 9 years and I also teach 3rd grade at the present time.  My approach with families is to be understanding, present things in a parent friendly manner, and help with things the family needs in order to support the growth and development of their child.  A good beginning is so important!  My daughters are proof that great things can happen even when things seem destitute!