Our Mission and Vision

  • To provide children & their families an alternative approach to therapy so that they are active participants in their family’s well-being and growth.
  • Our therapists encourage family members & other participants to become active in their child’s experience and to give and receive feedback during every session.
  • We ask that you be an active participant in your child’s sessions because this is your journey, not ours. We will be there to guide you for a short time, but ultimately you and your child will travel together on this road of life with different guides along the way. We are but a short pause in the greatest ride of your life.
  • Children hold the key to our future. If we sit and listen to them, they will guide us towards a new space & time. They know what is best for themselves and for us if we allow them to have a voice.
  • Amazing Kids will help you and your child to find this voice and move forward together where you can realize that your child is perfect in every way.
  • We will love your child and allow them the safe space needed for them to reach their fullest potential.
  • In return, we ask only that you respect your child as a loving, independent individual who convey her thoughts and feelings in a variety of ways to those of us who are listening.
  • We will enjoy your child to the fullest, and hope that you will do the same.
  • Children are glorious, wonderful creatures with the greatest potential that the world has ever seen. Join them as they lead us into the future.
  • The fun is about to begin, and the journey will only be as difficult as we make it.
  • If we allow ourselves to be kind, gentle and accepting, our children will show us how beautiful and perfect the world can be.
  • So, please join us in gaining a deeper insight into your child’s world and allowing them to be more active participants in the therapeutic process.
  • Allow us to join you and your child in this joyous, co-creative adventure.

For questions or comments for Amazing Kids, please contact Laura Hertel at amazingkids@me.com or (814) 715-5738.