Today, I want to share something that I saw recently. A young couple was in a parking lot getting their infant out of the backseat. Just like any young family…….Only this little guy had a ventilator, suction machine and feeding tube. I watched as they got out their Sit ‘n Stand stroller, loaded the little boy in the front, and all his gear in the back. Genius, pure genius. I went over and told them how impressed I was with their resourcefulness. We talked briefly about Kid Karts, and what a waste they are. Please parents…if your infant or toddler has seating needs, Don’t pick a Kid Kart. There are other options. As this mom stated “it was too hard. It took me forever to put together and was too big”. A Kid Kart costs Thousands, and frankly is not worth it in my opinion. Do yourself a favor, and go find a Sit ‘n Stand stroller. I know this may not be an option for every child, but it might be worth considering.